Know The Difference Between Residential Painting and Commercial Painting

Are you looking for a top-quality painter for beautiful decorations in your home or office? Well, while searching, you may come across two terms, ‘residential painting’ and ‘commercial painting’, and you may start wondering what really the difference is between the residential and commercial type of painting. Some companies specialize in residential or commercial ones, while big companies choose to offer both painting services Perth to their customers.

Despite there being so many similarities, there are many differences between commercial painters and home commercials. We will discuss those differences here.

1 – The Number Of Decorators Needed

In the case of commercial painting, the scale of the painting contracts is typically much more extensive. By the term ‘larger’, we mean more decorators involved to finish a more prominent job within time. Various commercial contract types include painting more significant buildings and constructions like apartment complexes, schools, colleges, universities, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

On the other hand, requirements in this case of residential contracts requirements are much smaller. Here, by ‘smaller’, we mean it will only accommodate a restricted number of people in a room of a typical size. It will help you control expenses while still getting all the aspects finished within time. Because of the difference in the number of decorators involved in two different projects, the responsibilities of painting contractors Perth companies are also different. Commercial contractors appear to be busier.

2 – The Difference In The Additional Painting Services That Are Provided

As residential painters Perth work as part of a home decorating project, they provide a variety of additional services that you will need to achieve the correct finish. These other services may include exterior and interior painting, metal finishes, and the painting of wood. They can also prepare the walls using filler or sealant before they decorate.

3 – The Type And Quantity Of The Paint Used

In general, leading painting companies Perth tie-up with top suppliers in the field. It helps them to supply the most delicate quality of paint to their customers. For larger commercial projects, people need more color, and subsequently, various types of equipment and tools are required to complete the job in the given space.

In contrast, residential painters in Perth, WA, typically choose those paints that are mainly used for cosmetic purposes, with some in-built flexibility required for cleaning. The color that is used in a home is of high quality.

Cost-effectiveness and high durability are the two main focuses of most commercial contracts. They mostly use a primary type of color, and the reason behind such a selection is that large areas are painted in the case of commercial projects. It does not mean that paint of inadequate quality is used here, but this type of paint is mainly used to get maximum durability instead of a glossy look. It also helps a lot in cutting down the business costs.

4 – Difference In Experience

Some decorators who deal with home decorating works usually lack the skills needed to paint a larger commercial complex or complete a commercial decorating. The main reason is that there is a much bigger scale in the case of commercial projects and thus will require more specialized equipment and tools.

Handling these tools will also need specialist technicians and decorations.

Suppose you need to paint your house and office, both. If you choose a leading company, it will serve you both purposes. The reason is that a big company collaborates with locally-based equipment hiring companies that can supply scaffolds, scissor lifts, and that too at a much affordable rate to keep the total costs much low.

5 – There Will Be A Difference In Scheduling Too

Home decoration or home painting involves a lot of mobilization. You need to move furniture, keep pets or children away from the painting spot, and sometimes you may even need to move from your house. So, as the homeowner, you will typically want to get it completed within some days, or if you consider daily routine, then within the standard work hours. It will help you to use your place for usual purposes on the weekends or evenings.

The work process cannot be halted because of painting and decorating services. But, you will find the exact opposite of it during a commercial project. Commercial contractors know that running a business or an official space is highly important for all the employees and owners. So, they choose to work during the evening hours or the weekends when the workplaces remain closed.


Final Thoughts

Handyman Perth has established itself as one of the best handyman services companies in the Perth region. They have earned a considerable reputation over the years, not only in commercial painting but also in home decorations. So, if you need any painting for any home or commercial constructions, you may get in touch with their officials.

You want your home or your office space to look fantastic, don’t you? Before you hire someone, you can take a look at some of their sample works on their website. And not only do they provide such excellent handyman services, but you can also get valuable advice from their experts. If you do want a no-obligation quote for your home or commercial painting endeavour free of cost, you may contact them any time you want.

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