Pressure Cleaners Vs. Surface Cleaners: What’s The Difference?

High-pressure cleaning is a technique where water is used at high pressure from 5000 to 10000 PSI to eliminate loose paint, grime, mould, mud, dust, and other stubborn dirt. It is used to clean buildings, tanks, streets, vehicles, pipes, bridges, and many more things. Water is a primary cleaning agent as it is capable of dissolving more substances compared to other liquids. That’s why it is known as a universal solvent.

In high pressure cleaning Perth, cleaning is done using a high-pressure water jet pump to eliminate oil, dirt, grease, scale, debris, etc. Hence, hire the high-pressure cleaning services in Perth if you have to get the surface of cars, buildings, or anything clean. 

Difference Between Pressure Cleaners Vs. Surface Cleaners

Surface cleaners and high-pressure cleaners are two different types of cleaning to keep your premises neat and clean. Individuals often get confused about their differences, so they cannot decide which one to pick. Here is a short description of their differences which you must read to decide whom to call.

  • Functional Differences 

    The biggest difference is the process of how they function. In pressure cleaning, large quantities of water are forced via high-pressure jets, which helps in creating a powerful stream. It removes the dirt off the surface. In the case of surface cleaning, pressure does not have any significant role to play. Here the surface is cleaned with negligible or low pressure. The appliance that the surface is cleaning has a broader tip and uses a small quantity of water. 
  • The Surfaces They Can Clean The Best

    For gentle cleaning, surface cleaners are recommended as only a lighter touch is required. They are perfect for titles, cleaning glasses, grouting, or any other similar surfaces. Contradictory to this, pressure cleaners are suitable for cleaning larger surface areas, especially when it is a porous surface like bricks or concrete. Pressure cleaners can clean large areas in a short time. They are ideal for garage floors, factory floors, patio areas, pathways, etc. Hence, according to what surface you wish to clean, appoint the respective cleaning service. 
  • Differences Related To Hygiene

    The surface cleaners can maintain your hygiene, while a pressure washer can clear off the messes. Many people think of using the cleaning agent as a pressure cleaner before starting to clean. It is to improve the hygienic levels, but always the process might not be so effective. It’s because the surface cleaning touches every corner, which is not possible in pressure cleaners. So, both have their pros and cons, and to ensure effective results, they should be used accordingly. If you need some more information, the experts of pressure cleaning Perth can assist you. 
  • Differences in Drying Time

    In pressure cleaning, the surface would take a long time to dry compared to the surface. But that does not indicate you must be opting for surface cleaning. For the surfaces where the dirt, dust, etc., are more, pressure cleaning is recommended.


After learning about the differences, are you interested in checking out the parameters to call the best cleaners near you? If so, you can look for the below parameters and then call the professionals. 

How To Choose Handyman Services For High Pressure Cleaning?

It can be tricky to find out whom to hire while looking for the best high pressure cleaning services. Each company offers different services, and their pricing also varies with that. Here are a few parameters to look for while hiring an efficient high-pressure cleaning service. 

  • Check Their Credentials

    Do not hire someone without checking their qualification details or credentials of the work. After shortlisting a few companies, ask for their credentials and check if they are licensed, carry proper licenses, etc.? Many firms may work illegally and might not have all the paperwork in place. That’s why by looking at their credentials, you can find out who is operating legally and whom to hire. 
  • The Process Of Their Work

    While visiting the company, you must ask about the pressure washing contractors and learn about their process. Ask them to explain to you about the process as every company has its approach. Find out the differences in the techniques and then decide which one will be more effective. Many individuals say that looking for a seasoned and versatile company can offer effective results. In this way, it helps in minimizing the potential damages.
  • Customer Satisfaction 

    Conduct an online search to find out about the reviews that the previous customers have provided on the company’s website. Carefully go through the reviews, feedback, and ratings to find out about the company. If a company does not have an online presence, it will be difficult to determine its reputation in the market. In that way, it is better to avoid them and look for other options. 

How Much Time Will The Process Take? 

Find out the time frame required by the best handyman services to complete the task. They should also be flexible with the schedule and be ready to work per their client’s requirements. The professionals will always arrive at your location on time and will stick to their promises. You must prefer to hire one such company for the task.

Get An Estimate

While looking for handyman services in Perth, you must ask for an estimate for the entire task. It gives you an idea of the upfront costs and the bottom line price you have to pay for the task. In addition, it helps in determining how much the leading service providers are charging. With that, if you are satisfied with the pricing list, go ahead and approach the professionals. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to high-pressure cleaning, you must always consider hiring the best. Handyman Perth is one of the firms offering cleaning services at reasonable rates. Hence, you can check their pricing structure and speak with the professionals. If you are satisfied with it, go ahead and appoint them for the task. 

So, now that you know the difference between pressure cleaning and surface cleaning, go ahead and hire specialists like Handyman Perth!

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