Reasons Why Office Walls Needs Painting!

Walls are one of the most important parts of your office that attracts major attraction. Color of your office walls affects the mentality of your guests and customers. Color on your wall also helps boost your productivity. It also plays a major role in boosting your employee’s morale. Your workspace represents you, it signifies your work. That’s why it is important to repaint your office walls time to time. Handyman services Perth makes sure that your office looks more appealing to both your employees and your customers. Knowing when to repaint your office interior makes a huge difference in appearance of your company’s image. Painting companies Perth knows this very well after all it’s their bread and butter.

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Choose a Suitable Workplace that Validate You:

Imagine you walk into an office and see that paint on the office walls peeling off or uneven color pattern, dirty floor; your first impression would not be good of that company. Your workplace represents your company’s brand and your work, that’s why you need to keep it as good as you can and handyman services Perth know how to do that. Color scheme & pattern in your office actually represents the whole identity of your company. Any company that works from an office knows the benefits of a clean, tidy and well furbished workspace. If you want to make a good and everlasting impression on your guests or customers than you need to make your workspace as much appealing as you can.

Painters Perth Helps you to Choose Colors From:

Now you know painting your office walls affects the mentality of everyone that comes in contact with your office. Color of your office walls is also very important. Each color stimulates a different emotion in people. Our Painters Perth are very talented and knows the psychology behind color schemes and paint patterns. Different colors associate with different types of feelings. Most people usually avoid dark colors inside their workspace. Dark colors create a negative impact on your workforce as well as on your guests/customers. You should always go with bright light colors like blue, green or white. Or you can mix and match two or more colors. Handyman companies Perth will help you out in choosing the right color for your office walls.

Some of the color options are following:

  • Blue: the color blue is universally recognized as a calm color. The color blue helps you slow your metabolism and calms you, it helps you focus.
  • Yellow: the color yellow signifies happiness and cheerfulness. Color yellow helps you keep energetic.
  • Green: the color green signifies stability and endurance. It also signifies safety, puts a good impression on your customers.
  • White: the color white is associated with goodness, peace, innocence and purity. It is the color of perfection. Painting your wall white keeps office environment calm.

A study was conducted at University of Texas and it was found out that color white on office walls reduces work productivity. In another study employees of a company were split into three different rooms; painted in red, white and aqua. Whereas employees of red and aqua colored rooms didn’t show much changes but employee from white colored room made more errors than usual. In one study employees were asked about their preferences and they suggested that they would prefer blue or blue-green color in their workspace.

Handyman companies Perth suggests bright colors for your interior as it helps reduce your utility bill. Using eco-friendly paint keeps air clean and fresh. When repainting your establishments such as hospitals or schools should use low VOC paints because it helps breathing easier for sick, old people and kids. Our painters Perth use low VOC paints while repainting interior, it helps breathing easier especially for children, old or sick people. It is important in establishments like schools or hospitals.

Each time you repaint your building, it puts a new life into it. You should repaint every 2 years and change color every 3-4 years. If you keep the same color for more than 4 years it reduces your work productivity. If you look at a wall with the same color for many years, it becomes boring. Besides new color keeps your building look new and fresh. The newer the building looks and feels the more you want to stay inside.

If your business is not doing well nowadays than you should try changing the shade of color of your interior, it will give a new perspective to you and your employees. It will surely boost the morale of your employees. It will also help in attracting new customers and retain old ones. Meeting rooms are the special places where you prospect your business deals. You would not believe a small change in the shade of the color will change the perspective of your customer. Where if paint on your wall is worn out or peeling off, it will change your business deal for the worst. Keep your work premises as neat clean as you can. These small things play a vital role in a business. Our Handyman Perth are professionals with years of experience and are veterans of painting industry. They are the one of the best in handyman companies Perth. Through years of experience they have acquired the knowledge.

If you are planning to sale out your office building than a repaint might increase the face value of your property. No one would like to pay a higher rate to worn out dirty looking building. Just by changing color you can increase the total value of that said property.

Now you know how beneficial it is to repaint your office premises time to time. It will not only help you boost your productivity but it will also keep your work environment less stressful. Less stress equals to more productivity. You will see that just after doing a little repaint your profit ratio would change dramatically.

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