How Much Does It Cost To Repair Water-Damaged Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets play a very important role in anyone’s house. Along with the usage, kitchen cabinets make your home look attractive also. But if you are having a leakage problem in your kitchen, it can make your kitchen look soggy. Leakage problems can even make your kitchen smell bad. So, here we will see everything related to water damaged kitchen cabinet for kitchen renovations Perth. We will also see how to overcome this problem and how much is the cost to repair water-damaged kitchen cabinets. 

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8 Steps to Repair Water-Damaged Kitchen Cabinet 

There are various ways through which you can easily dry out your kitchen cabinet. You can follow a series of steps one by one to remove all the water damage and moisture. So, here we will see all the 8 steps that you can follow for kitchen cabinet repair.

1. Remove your items from the cabinet 

The first step involved is to remove all the items from the cabinet. You can throw the items that are damaged due to water leakage. The remaining items can be packed in glass jars or plastic tubes. Make sure that the containers that you are using are not having any kind of air leakage. After storing them in these containers, you should place them at any dry place outside the kitchen.

2. Remove the water present in the cabinet 

The next step involved is to remove the water from the cabinet. You can use various soaking items like paper, towels, etc to remove the water present inside the cabinets. You can go for thick towels also as they will help you in removing a good amount of water. Going for a soft foam like material will also work as with that you can easily remove huge amounts of water at one go. 

Doing all these things can be tough sometimes. You can go for good Kitchen Cabinet Repair professionals also. They will help you in managing all the work and you don’t have to worry further. 

3. Remove the doors of the cabinet 

After removing the doors, the next step that you should follow is to remove the doors of the cabinet. You can dry the cabinet doors separately and it will prevent them from damage also. You can also check whether the cabinet doors can be used further or not. If you are not finding the doors in good condition, you can go for a Local Handyman near you to get them fixed or repaired. A carpenter can manage many various aspects of new construction, extension, or renovation in many different sectors of Carpentry Services Perth and with an open canvas, whether it is commercial or domestic. You can search for a good handyman service on the internet or you can even ask your friends or relatives for that.

4. Dry the cabinets 

The next step involved in the process should be to dry the cabinets. You can go for high-volume fans for completing the work. You can easily rent them for drying work. Drying dehumidifiers will also work great in this situation. However, if you are living in Perth, going for “Local Handyman Services Perth will also be a great choice. They will provide you with all the services and you don’t have to worry about all the small issues. They will arrange machines also for you on their own if required for removing water or moisture.

5. Patching the cabinet parts 

After drying out the water, you will see that the cabinet parts are not proper and there is some gap between the layers. To remove this problem, patching them is very important. You can use carpenter’s glue to repair your cabinet parts. If you don’t want to do all these things on your own, you can go for the best Handyman Services near you. 

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6. Removing the damaged parts 

After doing all this process, the next step involved should be to remove the unwanted damaged parts. If something is broken, you should replace it immediately. After removing them, just go for new items. 

If you are confused in deciding whether you should go for repair work or home improvement work, you can go for a good professional also. They will help you in making the right decision.

7. Removing the stains 

Clear water can also cause stains on the cabinets especially if you are having wooden cabinets. It is very important to remove them also. For removing them, you can go for oxalic acid. You have to sand the material and then above that, you can go for oxalic acid. 

Before using this, always read the instructions first. If you are having small stains, you can go for one coating also otherwise two coats will be preferred. 

8. Deodorize the area

The next step involved should be to remove the odors that are present in your kitchen due to water damage. You can use a proper water bleach solution. With this solution, then bacteria will be killed and with that, the odor will also be removed. 

So, you can go for a baking soda solution also. You can sprinkle this solution at night and it will help you in removing the bad odor. 

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Cost to Replace Bottom Kitchen Cabinet 

If your kitchen cabinet parts are too damaged, then you cannot go for repair. In that scenario, the option left to you is to get it replaced. For replacement, you should have an idea of the main cabinet parts. You can ask cabinet maker professionals regarding the exact price. So, here we will see all the important pricing of kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen Cabinet Repair Cost for the Base 

The kitchen base cabinet is very important for any kitchen. It created the structure of the cabinet. For the replacement of the bottom part, the cost can be around $400 to $4900 or more. The price depends upon various factors like the material of the cabinet, specific texture or design, the length of the cabinet bottom, and a lot more. 

However, if the work can be done by repairmen only, it will be advised to do that.  Going for Custom Cabinets Perth professionals will be a great choice. They will help you with all the replacement and repair work. 

Cost per Linear Foot 

If we are talking about the cost per linear foot of the kitchen base cabinet, it will be around $50 to $700 per linear foot or even more. For the underneath kitchen sink cabinet material, the cost will be around $300 for each linear foot. The cost of the underneath kitchen sink will be high because special quality materials will be used. Those materials should withstand a moist environment. 

Checking the Cost Breakdown 

Material used 

The materials that are used also plays a very important role in deciding the price of the cabinet. On average, the cost of the material per linear foot can be around $50 to $700. 

If we are talking about the per-unit cost, then the cost will be around $100 to $650. If you are selecting high-quality material, then the price will be high. Also, if the quality is average, then the price will be low. You can ask professionals also about which kind of material you should choose depending on the budget. Cabinet Designer Perth will help you in getting the designs of the cabinet as per your wish. 

Custom components 

If you are choosing semi-custom materials, then for each linear foot the cost will be around $75 to $400. But when you are going for a fully custom cabinet, the cost will be around $300 to $750 per linear foot. Custom cabinets will be more expensive as compared to semi-custom works as they require more dedicated labor and materials. If you want help in deciding, then Cabinet Makers Perth WA will help you in deciding the right kind of material for you.

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How to Repair a Broken Cabinet?

For repairing the broken cabinet, you should first check in what parts the repair is needed. Then depending on that, you can go for a good cabinet repair professional. They will do all the work for you from the start of the repair till the last. If you are confused while selecting the right professional, going for “Cabinet Repairs Perth” will be great.

What is the proper care and maintenance of the cabinet?

For proper repairmen of the cabinet, you should choose to give proper attention to any kind of water leakage issue. If any kind of issue is happening, you should get it repaired immediately. You should even choose your cleaning clothes wisely. Always check for moisture exposure, so that cabinet wood damage will not happen. You can follow the guidelines on “How to repair kitchen cabinets with water damage”.

How do you fix cabinets that are falling apart?

If your cabinets are falling apart, in such a scenario, you should first check the reason for that. Multiple reasons can be there like bad quality material, water, and a lot more. Depending upon the reason, you should get it fixed either by yourself or by a professional. However,if the damage is too much and fixing will not provide a good result, then it will be advised to go for replacement only. 

If you are living in Perth, going for the professionals of “Cabinets Perth” will be a great idea. 

How can I prevent recurring water damage?

For preventing recurring water damage, you should check for leakage problems. Always check your supply lines. Check whether any leakage is there in the supply lines or not.Along with that, you should take some steps like shutting off the supply lines, investing in a smart leakage detector, and a lot more. Being responsible is very important for saving money. These things will help you in preventing water damage. You should always keep in mind that the Cost To Repair Water-Damaged Kitchen Cabinets is very high, so it is advised to always go for prevention. 

These were all the details that are required to know regarding the issues caused by water leakage on the cabinets. We also discussed the price breakdown of cabinet replacement. So, always follow the mentioned precautionary steps if you want to keep your kitchen healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and have a look at all the important details on kitchen cabinet water damage and the cost to repair water damage to hire local handyman services perth.

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