What is the cost per square meter of timber flooring Services Perth?

Nowadays, Wooden flooring is becoming very popular and it is gaining more and more trends. Timber flooring will give a very elegant look to your home and along with that it provides the proper warmth also. Apart from this, you will get a variety of options in wooden flooring in terms of quality of wood as well as color and structure. So, in this article, we will discuss everything about wood flooring and along with that we will also discuss the cost required for Timber flooring. 

We will also discuss the timber flooring services Perth provided and the cost required.

Different Types Of Wooden Flooring Options That Are In Trend

timber flooring

If you are thinking and planning for wooden flooring, you will find a list of options where you will get very trendy and good-looking ideas. Different types of wooden flooring options are present like laminate wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, oak-engineered timber flooring, etc. So, here we will discuss some of the most trendy and famous wooden flooring options – 

  • Looking for Engineered wood

Engineered wood is one of the most used wooden flooring options all over the world. Getting an engineered wood installation is very easy and along with the cost will be very convenient. Not only this, but the durability of the engineer would also be high. If you are going for this, you will get very less damage problems in this wood.

  • Laminate your wood

Laminating the wood is another kind of timber flooring option which uses synthetic material having the appearance of wood.  The material is laminated to give good durability. Along with this, the installation of laminate wood is also very easy. Most people are going for a laminate wood option for their wooden flooring as it is resistant to bacteria and molds also. If you want to find a good flooring service provider, you can search for the best timber flooring services near you and just get the work done by them. 

  • Going for hardwood

Hardwood is the real wood that is used for wooden flooring. In hardwood wooden flooring, real wood of Walnut, Pine, Oak, etc are used.  Getting hardwood installed takes a lot of time but it will give a very natural and elite look to your home. Along with this, you can go for a protective layer also, so that you can easily protect your natural wood.

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Advantages Of Wooden Flooring 

Wooden flooring has various advantages and benefits. Along with the benefits,  you will get a very nice look also. So, these are some of the most important benefits that you will get with wooden flooring – 

  •  Good appearance

If you are getting timber flooring installation done in your home,  it will give a very nice appearance. You can make your home beautiful in a very easy way with this option. Along with the appearance, it will protect you from cold also. 

  •  High Resale value 

If you want a high resale value for your home, investing in your home is also very important. With wooden flooring, you can easily increase the resale value of your home and if you are planning to sell your house this will be a good option. 

  •  Durability

 Along with the look, wooden flooring is a very durable option. It will last longer and you don’t have to spend too much money on repair work.

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Disadvantage Of Wooden Flooring 

Wooden flooring options are having some disadvantages also. As every coin is having two sides, similarly this wooden flooring option is also having both positive and negative points. So, here we will discuss the top disadvantages of having wooden flooring- 

  •  Cleaning is very important

If you are having wooden flooring done in your home, you have to clean your home regularly. if you are not doing so, it can damage the flooring. Along with that, you have to get it polished at least once a year. So, managing wooden flooring is a tough task. 

  • Scratch problem 

If you compare wooden flooring with other types of flooring options, getting scratches on wooden flooring is very easy.  You can get scratches from heels also. Not only this, but if you are having pets, in that scenario also scratches can happen very easily. 

  • Wooden flooring is expensive

Getting wooden flooring done is very expensive compared to other flooring options.  In wooden flooring, first, you have to get the wooden flooring done and after that, you have to laminate the floor also. Not only this but proper cleaning and polishing are also required from time to time.  Wooden flooring is a very good option but if you are ready to manage the expenses then only go for this option. 

  • Get damaged due to moisture 

You have to protect your wooden flooring from moisture also. That’s why we are getting the wooden flooring laminated also. But this is not enough, you have to avoid continuous moisture problems in your room by maintaining proper cleaning and dryness. 

So, managing wooden flooring requires a lot of hard work and effort.

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Which Type Of Wood Will Be Suitable 

After deciding to go for the perfect wooden flooring, you have to decide the type of wood also. You can’t go for any kind of wood in any area of your home. For example,  if you are planning for wooden flooring in a moisture-prone area,  you have to select wood with high moisture resistance and vice versa.  Similarly, if you are planning to get flooring done in a normal less moisture area, then you have to select wood accordingly. 

So, here we will discuss the different types of woods that will be suitable in different parts of your home. 

Timber Flooring Perth

  • Teak wood

If you want to get flooring done in a moisture-prone area, using teak wood will be a great choice. Teak wood is famous for removing fungus and molds and along with that, it can withstand heavy moisture. If you are living in Perth and you want to get this flooring done in your home, just go for timber joinery perth professionals. They will help you in getting the flooring done efficiently and in a budget-friendly way.

  • Laminated wood

 You can go for laminated wood in the areas of your home like the kitchen. Laminated wood can easily withstand the kitchen’s moisture.  

  • Hardwood

Hardwood would be a good option for places like bedrooms or Living rooms. It will give a very elite look and along with that, the moisture problem is not that much in the bedroom and living room. So, just get the work done by the local handyman services Perth provider as they will help you in getting the right kind of work.

Cost Of Wooden Flooring 

Different types of wooden flooring have different costs. The cost of wooden flooring depends upon various factors like the material used, the amount of labor required, and a lot more. So, here we will discuss the cost of all the wooden flooring works. You can even find the service providers in Perth by just searching for “local handyman near meon the internet. You will get a list of options and you can easily call them and just ask them about the price. 

Different types of timber are having different prices. If you are living in Perth, the average cost of wooden Timber flooring will be around $50  per meter square or more for timber that is having lots of imperfection. However, if the timber is having no imperfection, the cost will be around $100 to $150

If we will talk about the structure of timber flooring and the price, then if you are choosing the timber grid of the lowest quality, then the price range will be around $40 for each meter square.  If you are choosing mid great Timber, then the cost will be around $50 to $70  for each Meter square. If we are choosing high Timber grade then the cost will be from $60 to $100  for each meter square. 

If you want to get a floating Timber floor installed, then in that scenario the average cost will be around $40 to $100  for each meter square. For parquetry flooring, the cost can be around $30 per meter square for simple patterns and $50 per meter square for Complex patterns. 

For hardwood Timber floorboards, the cost of low-grade Timber can be around $50 per meter square, for mid-grade timber can be around $55 to $80 per meter square, and for hydrate Timber, the cost can be around $100 to 150 per meter square. The cost of the timber can vary depending upon various other conditions also.

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Timber floor sanding cost 

If you are living in Perth, the cost for sanding work can be around $25 per meter square to $60 per meter square.  After this amount, you have to pay the polyethylene sealer and stain amount also which will cost you around $8 to $15 per meter square. 

Sanding work required a lot of effort and hard work.  So if the quality of the wood is not good then in that scenario the cost of sanding will also increase. 

Floor polishing cost 

After getting the Timber flooring installation done, the next step will be to get the polishing done. On average, the polishing cost will be around $25 per meter square to $50 per meter square. Apart from that, you have to pay additional taxes and polishing material costs also.

Repairment of  wooden flooring

If the flooring work is already done in your home and some damages are happening, in such a scenario it will be advised to go for a good cabinet repairs Perth provider.  In that scenario, if you are living in Perth,  the average cost of repair will be around $25 per square meter to $30 per square meter. You can easily contact the Timber flooring services providers and get the work done. 

In addition to this,  you will be charged for polishing and other services.

Bamboo flooring cost

Bamboo flooring is also a great option if you are planning to go for Timber flooring work in your home. Bamboo flooring will be around $50 per meter square to $150 per meter square and more. 

Factors Affecting Timber Flooring 

Different types of timber flooring options are present in the market with different price ranges. The price of these Timbers depends upon various factors. The first factor is the type of timber used.  Some timbers will cost you less money and others will cost you more money. So depending on the type of timber, the flooring cost will change. 

Along with this labor also plays a very important role. If more time and afford is required in getting the work done, then the price will be high and vice versa. 

Polishing work and finishing also play a very important role. The amount of hard work and time taken to prepare the floor for timber work will also decide the overall cost required. Not only this, but floor finishing materials used are also very important. 

These are all the details about timber flooring. In this article, we discussed everything about wooden flooring and its cost. We discussed the benefits of having wooden flooring and along with that, we discussed the demerits also.

We checked the average cost of getting timber wood flooring done in Perth. So, if you are living in Perth and you want to get wooden flooring done in your home that provides by the local handyman in Perth, just have a look at the article and get the required information for you.

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